asp gmbh is an owner-managed and value-based family business, which was founded in 2001. Since then, a lot has been changed and done in the company. Growth is just as important for us as for our customers, and only two years after founding we were able to expand our production capabilities to include CNC milling and turning. After another two years, we were able to manufacture the first assembly components. In 2011, asp gmbh received ISO 9001 certification, allowing things to really take off. Numerous developments followed in the business area ASP MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS.

Expansion of business areas

Our headquarters are located in Attendorn, and this is the heart of our group of companies. At our headquarters, our employees maintain the following business divisions and services: Sales, Customer Support, Finance & Controlling, Development, Construction and Manufacturing.

Already in 2002, we decided to establish our Polish production facility in Glogów. Purchasing, Project Management, Quality Management and Production are located at the Glogów/Poland site. With this step, we were able to expand our business areas. In the beginning, we manufactured a large selection of aluminium components and component assemblies in small batches for the rehabilitation industry, and then over the course of the following years we were able to gain new customers, primarily in the automotive industry. Since 2014, we have manufactured small and medium-sized production series for BMW and Jaguar vehicles for renowned automotive suppliers. In the same year, we also started our own powder coating facility.

This was followed by the development and expansion of our sales network in 2015. We were also proud to manufacture our first SOP high-volume series parts for two of the best known automobile manufacturers in Germany: Audi and Mercedes-Benz.

We expanded our technology lab in Attendorn for the prototype division in order to increase our capacities for new projects and developments. We have also increased our focus on marketing campaigns in the automotive division in order to improve our market position and win over new customers.

We deliver innovations

We are constantly improving ourselves and working on new innovations, since standing still is completely unthinkable in our fields of business. For this very reason, we are always looking to the future. We build upon our strengths and are continually improving in this regard. We have the following plans for the future: ongoing expansion of the business areas ASP AUTOMOTIVE and ASP MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS, of course always with the aim of simplifying solutions, both in our own operations and of course in those of our customers and partners.
Together for a Simplified Life.

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