The business divisions

Leading in profile/tube and strech bending!

Business division: Automotive

The automotive industry never stands still and there is a constant need to present new developments in line with the latest technology and environmental protection. We have made it our focus to set new standards for not only the development but also more importantly the profitable manufacturing of complex structural components. The secret to this is Simplified Complexity – the ability to independently manufacture complex components using the leanest possible processes. Our many years of experience and our know-how make us a recognised development partner in the automotive industry.


In the spirit of the motto "Simplified Manufacturing", we have made it our task to produce lightweight components for your projects in the medical, rehabilitation and furniture industries. We focus on simplifying the manufacture of lightweight components and assembly groups with small-volume series in order to save resources and time and to keep processes as simple as possible. Thanks to many years of experience and the necessary know-how, we are able to and are very keen to simplify your processes through refinements and equipment that is specific to your requirements, so that you can concentrate on what is important.

Business division: Technical Center

Here you are assisted by committed and competent specialists from the automotive industry in the development of automated production cells, starting with the initial concept up to commissioning and beyond. Our competent and capable team of engineers is a reliable partner for method planning, design, simulation, as well as offline programming and process planning, supporting you in the implementation of your corporate goals and helping you to efficiently master all current and future challenges in the automotive sector.

Business division: MOTIONCARE

Our goal in this area is Simplified Motion. We have made it our task to develop and manufacture intuitive and easy to use products for lifting and moving people with physical handicaps. Our products not only distinguish themselves through their light construction and ease of use, but also through high-quality processing and the use of modern materials. Simplification of movement is our main focus in the MOTIONCARE division. Constant new developments and improvements also secure the future of this valuable and important division of ASP CONTRUST, also over the long term.