ASP medical devices & components

The ASP MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS division is a significant part of asp gmbh, focussing on the manufacture of lightweight components. We are a value-adding partner for the medical, rehabilitation and furniture industries, and manufacture lightweight metal components and component assemblies as well as finished products and small-volume series. Whether it is assembly component groups, ventilation mechanisms, push handle systems or fully assembled armrests for wheelchairs, we have proudly climbed to the position of market leader in Europe for wheelchair frames and supplied chassis components.

Simplification of processes is always a top priority. Simplified Manufacturing is the "secret" behind the idea of designing your company's work and production processes to be simpler, thereby ensuring an optimal workflow. We manufacture frames, chassis, brake and wheel components, entire component groups and pre-finished individual components from profiles, sheet metal, tubes, and forged and cast parts.

Simplified Manufacturing is not only applied to manufacturing. If desired, we also support you from the beginning of your project all the way to the finished product. From development to design and fabrication, everything from a single source and under one roof. For you and your applications, we are able to offer you in-house welding, stretch-bending and profile bending work, pressing, CNC milling and all other specialities that belong to the production of lightweight components. This is what asp gmbh and its ASP MEDICAL DEVICES & COMPONENTS business division stand for.

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