Leading in profile/tube and stretch bending!

Our high degree of manufacturing know-how makes us an important development partner for complex structural components in the European automotive industry. Thanks to our efficiency and speed, we are able to develop and manufacture complex structural components in a cost-effective manner.

In almost no other field is there such an intense requirement for complex specifications and requests to be implemented in the simplest manner possible in order to guarantee cost efficiency. All processes connected to the automotive industry need to be kept as lean as possible. In this sector, Simplified Complexity isn't simply a campaign that we merely initiated once. It is our identity and long-term strategy in the interest of our partners. The objective is to make the jobs of all those who work with us easier – our customers, our employees, our partners in the marketplace and all others who collaborate with us. All of our processes are based on simplification.

But how does Simplified Complexity affect the big picture? First, we recognise our high degree of know-how in the industry when it comes to the delicate tasks of fabrication. We have developed an international reputation and standing in this field that presents us as a competent partner for our foreign and domestic customers. We are known as experts in the production of complex structural components.

Simplified Complexity means handling complex specifications and products as efficiently and effectively as possible. Together with ASP AUTOMOTIVE, processes are simplified so that solutions can be implemented more quickly and the overall complexity of tasks noticeably reduced.

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